20 Clever Tricks to Make House Cleaning Quick and Easy

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Take a look at these 20 Clever Tricks to Make House Cleaning Quick and Easy. You are sure to find at least a few of household cleaning tips on the list that will make your life easier than you can imagine. When it comes to cleaning the house, you can never have too many clean house tips and tricks. The following list is just a few of the simple life hacks you will find among many other ones.

1. Polish chrome surfaces with waxed paper or a cooking sheet for a lasting shiny look.

2. Use warm terry socks for cleaning the house. Simply replace the old mop cloth on your mop with a terry sock to help with cleaning. You can save yourself the money and an extra trip to the store for a new mop cloth.

3. Use salt as a simple life hack for cleaning baking dishes. Sprinkle salt into the bowl and wipe with a paper towel to remove the dough remnants.

4. Use olive oil for cleaning stains on the surface of your stove. Soak a piece of cloth in olive oil and wipe it on the stove and then wiping it clean thoroughly with a dry cloth for a sparkling effect.

5. To get rid of stains on your couch, create a cleaning solution by mixing one tablespoon baking soda, 1/3 glass vinegar, hot water, and one tablespoon powder detergent until combined. Spray this cleaning solution onto the stain. Now sprinkle some soda on the dry sofa, let it stay like that for a couple of hours, and then vacuum it. The soda will help freshen up the fabric.

6. To clean burned pot or pan, pour water into the dish and add a cup of vinegar and boil the mixture. When it starts to boil, switch off the stove and add some baking soda. It will start to sizzle a bit. Once the fizz dies down, drain the water. Scrub the remaining scorches using more baking soda to get a clean pan.

7. Use salt or vinegar to make your glassware look clear and shiny. You can either add a few drops of vinegar to water or rub salt and then wash the glassware clean. Do not wipe them but instead just let them air dry.

8. For cleaning and unclogging the coffee-maker, pour water and vinegar in equal parts into the coffee-maker. Let the coffee machine run halfway and then turn it off and then repeat the whole step until the water runs clear from the coffee machine.

9. To prevent the dust on your mop from clinging to your furniture, soak the mop in fabric softener before you start cleaning. This step makes cleaning so much easier.

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