$17,800 for this Cute and Cozy 3 Room Cabin Kit

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One look at this adorable wood cabin and you'll find yourself day dreaming of the life you could have. Imagine having a place to go in the warmer months, and spending holidays throughout the year. A wood cabin is a place where you can feel serene, calm and relaxed. This three-room log home kit is made in Finland and Germany with the quality and the reputation of both Finnish and German fine craftsmanship, in the engineering, design, and the building materials used. All of these log home kits are designed for do-it-yourself assembly that can typically be completed by two adults in about a day or two depending on the size of the log home kit model. These quality log home kits are one of the most environmentally friendly wood cabins available on the market. This log home kit design is built with a commitment to protecting the environment and using only timber that comes from sustainable forests. At least five trees are replanted for every tree that is harvested for the building of these log home kits.

Using wood that comes from sustainable forests is an excellent way to help reduce your carbon footprint and to help with climate change. These log home kits and wood cabins come from responsibly harvested wood building materials, and these log home kits are a good way to help benefit the environment. Using wood contributes to stored carbon. This is because wood and timber building materials have a unique ability in that they store carbon. As the tree grows, the tree takes in carbon from out of the atmosphere. When the trees and logs are then harvested and used to make log home kits and wood cabins, the carbon remains stored within the timber and logs for the life of the wood cabin and the log home designs. About 50 percent of a logs dried weight is from carbon. Logs and timber building materials are also good for both your health and well-being. This is because exposure to wooden building materials and log furniture and fittings has both real and measurable health benefits and well-being benefits. Logs used in wood cabins can help to lower your heart rate and stress responses along with helping to encourage better interaction between people. The right type of wood can also produce less carbon dioxide. Both the production and the processing of wood building materials are highly energy efficient, which gives wood products a very low carbon footprint.

Wood and timber are used quite often instead of using building materials like aluminium, steel, concrete, or plastic building materials that require large amounts of energy to help produce. The right type of wood is also renewable. The right type of wood is wood that is sourced responsibly making it renewable. Forests will regrow which in turn helps to provide a wide range of benefits to the environment which include oxygen generation, forest habitat, and carbon storage. Wood is a durable building material. Wood is a wide choice as it is a durable building material that can be used for both log home kits and commercial buildings. When properly looked after and cared for timber and log building materials can last more than a hundred years. Modern wood preservatives may also help to the enhance woods natural durability. Wood and logs are also natural insulators.

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